Little Miss Flint is not Impressed – and the Internet has Taken Notice

A picture is worth a thousand words, but the photos of Amariyanna Copeny’s reactions after meeting President Obama and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has reached millions of people.

Amariyanna, 9, also known as Little Miss Flint, is the young girl whose letter to Obama led to his visit in May amid the city’s ongoing water crisis to get a look at what residents have been going through for months.

During Obama’s visit, Amariyanna and mother LuLu Brezzell spent a few moments with the leader of the free world, with more than a few photos of the precocious girl smiling and hugging the president.

The photo is a stark contrast from one snapped by Brezzell of Amariyanna’s brief encounter with Trump at the candidate’s visit to Flint Sept. 14 where he stopped at the Flint water plant and local church.

While Trump has an ear-to-ear grin in the photo, Amariyanna is not smiling along and the Internet has taken notice.

Several media outlets including Buzzfeed and Complex have run stories on the differing reactions, while Twitter users have offered their own unique takes on the photos.

Brezzell responded on Facebook about the photo with Trump, stating her daughter was not traumatized by the interaction and simply wanted a chance to ask him a few questions but there was not enough time.

The pair went to Bethel United Methodist Church so Brezzell could hear what Trump had to say about his potential plan to help the city of Flint recover from the water crisis.

“Hillary’s been here, we heard what she had to say. Now I want to hear what (Trump) has to say,” said Brezzell, adding her family has dealt with high lead levels at home and rashes.


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